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Floridians for Solar Choice is a grassroots effort working to help more homes and businesses generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. no-on-1-avatar


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Backed by Florida’s monopoly utilities, Amendment 1 is promoted by a group calling itself Consumers for Smart SolarAmendment 1 is an effort by big monopoly utilities to choke-off rooftop solar and keep a stranglehold on customers by preventing them from generating their own power. In March, the Supreme Court narrowly ruled 4-3 to allow the utility-backed petition on to the November ballot. The utilities may have more money, but they are on the wrong side of this issue. Read more about this deceptive ballot here. We need you to fight alongside us and urge your friends, family and neighbor: Vote NO ON 1!

This campaign is going up against an $21.5 million (and counting!) war chest. We depend on your support so we can raise the funds needed to get the word out through signs, stickers and buttons! Please donate today so we can have campaign materials before November!