Giving Floridians a Voice and a Choice on Energy in the Sunshine State

End the Solar Eclipse in the Sunshine State

vote for the sun this August

Floridians for Solar Choice is a grassroots citizens’ effort working to help more homes and businesses to generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. Because we believe the choice to access solar power should be available to everyone, our coalition is working for the development of good solar policy in Florida, including a constitutional amendment that would give Florida’s families and businesses the right to choose solar power, as well as fighting for fair policy development in the legislature. You can read more about what we are working on HERE.

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You can get involved in the following ways:

1. Collect Solar Choice petitions! We are exploring the option of placing the Solar Choice amendment on the 2018 ballot and are continuing to gather signatures. Every petition collected is valid for 24 months from the date that it is signed, so we encourage you to continue to mail your petitions in on a weekly basis to keep the momentum going! Remember – every petition signed represents another Florida voter who wants access to affordable solar power. This is an incredibly powerful message to legislators as we continue the fight to advance good solar policy in our state. Download, sign and mail in the petition. 

2. Speaking of good solar policy…we need you to vote YES on August 30th! Through our collective efforts, we were able to place the solar tax abatement proposal on the Florida Primary Election ballot. This initiative would remove a barrier to solar by exempting the panels and other solar equipment from the real property tax and the onerous tangible property tax – currently huge barriers to solar in Florida. This policy will lower the cost of solar, increase clean energy jobs, and greatly expand solar development across the state! Click HERE to learn more.

3. Our coalition is fighting the monopoly utility-backed petition: On January 11, 2016, we joined other parties in filing briefs with the Florida Supreme Court opposing the utility-backed amendment, which was created to maintain the status quo and confuse Florida voters.On March 7, this utility-backed group took their initiative to the Florida Supreme Court for their hearing and we were there, providing arguments against. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing the utility-backed petition to be on the November ballot, by a close vote of 4-3. The utilities may have more money, but they are on the wrong side of the issue. We will continue to fight against the utilities’ campaign of deception. We need you to fight alongside us! Remember – NO in NOvember!

4. Donate! All of these tasks require funding. We depend on your support!

Signed petitions can be mailed to:

Floridians for Solar Choice
120 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 105
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

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