Floridians for Solar Choice Criticizes Consumers for Smart Solar for Continuing to Run Ads featuring Florida Professional Firefighters

Press Statement

November 7, 2016

Contact: Sarah Gilliam, Floridians for Solar Choice, info@flsolarchoice.org,  (754) 307-7451


Floridians for Solar Choice Criticizes Consumers for Smart Solar for Continuing to Run Ads featuring Florida Professional Firefighters 


In what can only be described as brazen disregard for anything that resembles the truth, Florida’s big monopoly utilities continue to run a deceptive ad on television networks around the state featuring a firefighter even after the Florida Professional Firefighters have withdraw their endorsement from Amendment 1.

Their statement read: “As a member driven organization, our leadership has communicated with hundreds, if not thousands, of firefighters over the last few weeks regarding their concerns with Amendment 1 and the real firefighter safety issues related to solar energy systems. It is clear to the elected Executive Board of this organization that our membership would prefer to pursue any future firefighter safety regulations related to the still developing alternative energy industry through legislative or rulemaking action, as opposed to a constitutional amendment that many believe to be misleading. We have requested that Consumers for Smart Solar stop broadcasting advertisements featuring firefighters and/or the logo of the Florida Professional Firefighters.”

“Unfortunately, the ads have not been pulled from television networks and the big monopoly utilities funding the deceptive Amendment 1 campaign have ignored the request of the firefighters,” said Susan Glickman, Florida Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy Action Fund. “The No on 1 campaign is fielding complaints from supporters around the state who are continuing to see the ad that has been disavowed by the firefighters. This is one more example where monopoly power companies will say anything and do anything to fool voters.”