Floridians for Solar Choice Media Statement



For Immediate Release

April 12, 2016


Contact: Floridians for Solar Choice, 754-307-7451, jennifer@flsolarchoice.org



Floridians for Solar Choice Media Statement


“Nothing new was revealed in today’s press conference hosted by Consumers for Smart Solar, only more deception from high-paid consultants hired by the monopoly utilities.


The only people their proposed amendment would protect are utility shareholders. Period. This amendment seeks to limit non-utility solar options in Florida by enshrining the status quo and providing the utilities with leverage to continue to control their customers.


Neither Florida’s solar industry nor Floridians for Solar Choice are fooled by their slick marketing campaign.


This is nothing more than the monopoly wolves in solar-sheep clothing, and we will continue to work to educate consumers about why amendment one does not advance the market potential of solar in the Sunshine State.”



– Dr. Stephen A. Smith, board member of Floridians for Solar Choice and executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy



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Floridians for Solar Choice supports the freedom to develop solar power in the Sunshine State and is bringing people together to take solar power choice to the ballot. Learn more at www.flsolarchoice.org